NHP Resources and Materials

•    NHP animal supply directly from local breeding farm

•    Broad selection of animals fitting pharmacological study criteria

•    Biological samples and materials from normal and disease animals

•    Background data from normal animals and disease model development

NHP Study Capacity

•    Pharmaceutical industry scale and standards of study facility

•    World-class NHP welfare and long-term study

•    Established international logistics of NHP samples

Pilot or Exploratory Research

•    Non-invasive use of animal inventory

•    Spontaneous disease models

•    Pilot studies leading to formal study

Development of Special Disease Models

•    Co-development of novel disease models

•    Customer-development of special disease models

Nonclinical Translational Studies

•    Multiple-arm design of pharmacology studies (MOA, DF, PK, PD, safety)

•    Peri-clinical efficacy studies

•    “Adaptive clinical trials”

•    Human clinical laboratory, imaging, and specialty endpoints

•    SOC/reference treatment

Ex-vivo and Data Analysis

•    Biology analysis, cell assays, histopathology, biomarkers, and drug target validation

Modes of Collaborations

•    Contract service, MTA, Contingent MTA

•    Research or working plan

   Task based FTE

•    Facility and space leases

•    Consultation

•    Technology transfer