About Us

Prisys is a CRO company, pioneered non-human primate models covering a number of disease areas, including immunology (inflammation and autoimmunity), cardiovascula, cerebrovascula, hematology, hepatology, nephrology, pulmonology, OB-GYN, and oncology, to provide pharmacology studies of new medicines. 

Prisys established the unique NHP pharmacology platform by successful integration of its proprietary NHP disease modeling expertise and rich pharmacology experience with well-organized local monkey resources and top-equipped clinical hospitals, enabling global pharmaceuticals to access monkey studies in the way of both environmental and cost effectiveness. Prisys welcomes flexible, broad and dedicated collaborations worldwide for quick establishment and/or co-development of disease models, technologies and exploratory studies targeting at the specific interests in translational NHP pharmacology to the human applications. 

Driven by the latest science and technology advancement in combination with the unmet needs of the human target specific therapeutic strategies, Prisys will continually bring up more innovations in NHP disease modeling and technologies to empower the advancement of new therapeutics for more efficient and predictable success in the clinic.